HDT5401THB-4852 Concrete Pump Truck

HDT5401THB-4852 Concrete Pump Truck manufacturers provide low price high quality HDT5401THB-4852 Concrete Pump Truck made in China for sale.

Output in theory(m3/h): 125
Index of the pump carry capacity(Mpa.m3/h): 586
Theoretic pumping pressure(Mpa): 8.5
Bucket volume(L): 700

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Principles of concrete pump truck pipeline connection

Incorrect pipe connection of HDT5401THB-4852 Concrete Pump Truck made in China can easily lead to blockages. The following principles should be followed when taking over:

When arranging pipelines, the pipes should be routed according to the shortest distance, the smallest elbow, and the largest elbow to minimize the transportation resistance and reduce the possibility of pipe blocking.

At the exit of the concrete pump truck, it is not allowed to directly connect the elbow. At least 5mm straight pipe should be connected before connecting the elbow.

When pumping to take over the pipe of low price HDT5401THB-4852 Concrete Pump Truck, only one pipe can be connected at a time, and the inner wall of the pipe should be lubricated with water, and the air should be exhausted.

HDT5401THB-4852 Concrete Pump Truck made in China

Separation prevention devices should be installed at the outlet of vertical downward pipelines to prevent blockage.

When pumping at a high level, the length of the horizontal pipeline should generally not be less than 15% of the length of the vertical pipeline, and a pipeline stop valve should be connected to the horizontal pipeline. When the downtime exceeds 5min, the shut-off valve should be closed to prevent the concrete from flowing backwards, which will cause the HDT5401THB-4852 Concrete Pump Truck for sale to become blocked. For 90-degree bends from horizontal to vertical, the bending radius should be greater than 500mm.

How to solve the block of concrete pump truck

Concrete pump trucks, as well as on-board pumps and trailer pumps, are known for fast, high-rise and super-high-rise concrete transportation, and have been widely used in urban modernization. However, concrete pump trucks are the most common and most troublesome thing. Once the pipe is blocked, it will affect the construction and attract the dissatisfaction of the construction party; in the heavy case, the entire pipe of the HDT5401THB-4852 Concrete Pump Truck made in China will be blocked, and the dismantling of the pipe will be very clogged. It will also cause the concrete in the pump pipe to die and cause damage to the entire pipeline; A vicious accident caused by concrete spraying and damaging people. Therefore, to deal with the problem of pipe plugging of concrete pump trucks, the technique is particularly critical.

Cause of blockage of concrete pump truck

Blocking the pipe means that the concrete cannot get out. We generally mean that the pressure of the main system rises to the highest level under the normal working condition of the concrete pump truck, and the concrete is still unable to get out and is blocked in the pipeline.

high quality HDT5401THB-4852 Concrete Pump Truck

In general, the concrete outlet pressure of the HDT5401THB-4852 Concrete Pump Truck for sale is 12 MPa, and the pressure of the on-board pump and the tow pump is higher, 16-18 MPa. Some super high-rise buildings even reach a pressure of more than 50 MPa, and 1 MPa is equivalent to 10 A pressure of atmospheric pressure, that is, when the pipe is blocked, the concrete pump truck's pump tube can reach 120 atmospheres, and the pressure is very great. If you do not go through certain protection measures at this time, you will directly remove the pump tube. It is very serious, the concrete inside the pump tube will fly out like a bullet, and even endanger the life of the operator.

Solution of concrete pump truck jam

First, HDT5401THB-4852 Concrete Pump Truck for manufacturer is pumped back to relieve the pressure, and the high quality HDT5401THB-4852 Concrete Pump Truck made in China is pumped twice to reduce the pressure of the concrete deposited in the pump truck pipeline as much as possible.

Second, when disassembling the pump pipe, do not loosen the pump pipe clamp bolt at one time, loosen a part first, and then hit the pipe clamp with a hammer to allow the internal high-pressure concrete to release the initial pressure.

Third, when disassembling and clogging the pump tube, do not hit the pump tube with brute force, to prevent the inner wall of the pump tube from being worn very thin after long-term use. Brute force is easy to burst, and the concrete spraying hurts people.

Concrete pipe plugging is a big trouble. Although everyone is very irritable when plugging the pipe, you need to be extra careful when it comes to dismantling the pump pipe of low price HDT5401THB-4852 Concrete Pump Truck.


Output in theory



Index of the pump carry capacity



Theoretic pumping pressure


Bucket volume


Height of top surface of bucket


Model of distribution valve


Max. operation radius


43.7 / 47.8

Max. operation height


47.7 / 51.8

Max. operation depth

m34.3 / 39.8

Diameter of delivery pipe



Length of hose pipe


Rotary range of boom


Quantity of boom


Rotary angle of each boom


91/180/180/180/270 90/180/180/180/270

Wire line control distance



Romote control distance


Max. speed


85/ 80

Min. turn radius


12000 / 12500

Approach angle(°)


Departure angle(°)


Chassis model

HOWO ZZ5437S4667C

Wheel base between the first & the second axle


Wheel base between the second & the third axle


4600 / 5000

Front treadmm1350

Rear tread


Max. engine output power



Max. engine output torque


1500 /(1100~1600 r/min)

Max, gradient ability(%)


Fuel consumption


out dimension(L×W×H)




Total weight



Production Case


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