LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant

LB800 Asphalt Mixing plant manufacturer provides low price high quality Asphalt Mixing plant made in China for sale.

Capability (standard conditions): 60t/h
The Mixer Rated Mix Capacity: 700kg/batch
Oil Consumption(standard conditions): 5.5-7kg/t
Operation Mode: Automatism Control, Semi-automatism Control and Manual Control

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LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant Control System

The electrical control system is the core component of the LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant made in China. Once the electrical control system fails, the asphalt mixing plant cannot work, which will cause great trouble and loss. Therefore, if the user uses the asphalt mixing plant, he must simply master some methods for handling the failure of the electronic control system.

If you encounter an inaccurate display of the electrical control system when using the LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant for sale, the cause may be that the weighing system is affected by external forces, or it may be the zero or Caused by changes in the amount of space.

In the above situation, what the user needs to do first is to eliminate the external force of the electric control system of the LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant for sale, and then re-calibrate the zero position of the weighing. If the high quality LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant is weighed by multiple sensors, you need to consider the situation of partial load. If the state of partial load is found, it is likely that one of the sensors is damaged or the cable is loose and damaged. At this time, the user needs Things to do Replace the sensors and check the cables.

If the user encounters the batching accuracy problem of the electric control system of the asphalt mixing plant, for example, during the batching process, the weighing value displayed by the controller is accurate, but the weighing value of the batching does not match the set value. There are many reasons for this kind of situation. The user must know the specific cause of the failure before they can be targeted.

high quality LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant

Handle Damaged Parts of LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant

High quality LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant is a device for batch production of asphalt concrete. Because this device is affected by various factors during the production process, some problems will inevitably occur after a period of use. Some manufacturers have Lack of relevant processing experience may cause damage to the equipment. The following article briefly introduces the methods of remedying damaged parts in the asphalt mixing plant.

Asphalt mixing plants encounter different problems, and the methods to deal with them are different. For example, one of the common problems in asphalt mixing plants is the fatigue and damage of parts. At this time, the method that manufacturers need to do is to produce cluster parts. Start improving.

LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant manufacturer can improve the surface finish of the parts, and can also reduce the stress concentration of the parts by adopting a milder section filtration. Carburizing and quenching can also be used to improve the asphalt mixing plant. Performance, these methods can reduce the effect of fatigue damage of parts.

In addition to the fatigue damage of the parts, the asphalt mixing plant will also encounter parts that are damaged due to friction. At this time, the manufacturer should try to use wear-resistant materials, and at the same time, design the components of the high quality LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant to reduce friction as much as possible. Likelihood of happening. If the equipment encounters parts damage caused by corrosion, the user can use chromium, zinc and other corrosion-resistant materials to plate the surface of metal parts. This method can prevent the parts from corrosion.

LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant manufacturer

Advantages of Asphalt Plant Mixing and Recycling Equipment

Low price LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant and hot recycling equipment is to transport the old asphalt pavement back to the mixing plant after excavation. It is centralized and broken. According to the quality requirements of different levels of the pavement, the proportion design is performed to determine the addition ratio of the old asphalt mixture. Asphalt materials, new aggregates, etc. are remixed into a new mixture in a certain proportion in a mixer to obtain excellent recycled asphalt concrete, which is paved into a recycled asphalt pavement.

Advantages of asphalt mixing plants

1. Equipment investment is small. On the basis of the high quality LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant, an investment of about 3 million yuan was added for a set of plant-mixed heat regeneration annex.

2. Good quality control of the mixture. Before production, tests can be performed according to the asphalt content, asphalt aging degree, concentration, moisture content and other parameters of the original pavement recycled materials, so as to select the appropriate regenerant or design a suitable regeneration process to ensure the quality of the recycled asphalt mixture.

3. The elevation of the repaved road will not change.

4. The recycled mixture of low price LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plan can be transported back to the original pavement, or it can be transported to other construction sites for paving. Can make fuller use of all recycled materials.

5. The bluishness generated during the heating process of the recycled materials can be treated with the secondary burner, drying drum and dust collector. Thereby reducing exhaust pollution.


Productivity (under standard conditions)


Oil Consumption (under standard conditions)



Mixer Rated Mix Capacitykg/batch700

Operation Mode

automatism control, Semi-automatism control and manual control

Hot Mixture Discharge Temperature

℃(common asphalt)130~160

Figure dimension


(length×width ×height): 36×18×13

Total installed power


Production Case


Large-scale concrete mixing plant project in Poland

After a Polish company wins a road construction project, the relevant person in charge considers that it is a large and medium-sized engineering project,

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