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Prevention Of Hidden Dangers Of Concrete Pumps

China concrete mixer pump is a kind of mechanical equipment common to many construction parties at present, which can greatly increase the power of construction. During construction, if the concrete pump is not operated standardly, it is likely to cause the appearance of various safety hazards. How to prevent this? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about.

china concrete mixer pump

When the concrete pump is in operation, the pumping equipment and pipelines should be investigated, and hidden dangers should be dealt with in time. In the construction process, you should not blindly pursue the construction power and ignore some hidden safety hazards. Please keep in mind that the safety of engineering operations must be the first priority. Then in the actual use of the concrete pump, what are the hidden safety hazards that we need to prepare as soon as possible Woolen cloth? Now we introduce as follows:

1. The pipes, clamps, and sealing rings whose wear exceeds the rules should be replaced in time. Blocking of pipes should be avoided.

2. The pumped concrete should be mixed evenly and the slump should be controlled;

3. During the pumping process of the concrete pump, the pump shall not be stopped midway. Various instruments and indicators should be monitored at any time, and any abnormalities should be adjusted or dealt with in time.

concrete mixer pump

4. When the conveying pipe is blocked, China concrete mixer pump should be reversed to return the concrete to the hopper; when the pump can not be eliminated after several times of reverse pumping, the pipe should be removed to remove the blockage when the pump is unloaded.

Concrete pumps have now been widely used by major construction units. How to prevent potential safety hazards of concrete pumps in time during construction? Through the above introduction, I believe that we have some understanding of this issue.

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