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How to Set Up Asphalt Mixing Plant

LB1000 Asphalt Mixing Plant in stock development foreground is very good, the products on the market competition is very fierce, equipment is in use when appear frequently, wheel and the wheel/rail wear non-uniform happens, sometimes send out some sound and chew, the main reason for the formation of asphalt mixing plant is to work after a period of time in the drying cylinder under the action of high temperature and the friction between wheel and the wheel/rail.

lb1000 asphalt mixing plant

Asphalt mixing station in the drying material, there will be a violent shaking, this will directly lead to improper adjustment appears between the wheel/rail and wheel clearance, or the position of each other between the deflection of the situation, after homework every day so the operator needs to be at the wheel and the position of the school the surface of the wheel/rail contact add grease.

While adding the grease, it is also necessary to pay attention to the tightness of the fixed nut in the timely adjustment period, and then effectively adjust the clearance between the supporting wheel and the alignment wheel and rail, so as to ensure the smooth operation between the two, and the force at the contact point will be relatively uniform. In this way, LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant for sale in the operation of what will not appear obstacles.

The removal of asphalt mixing plant is a huge and complex process, the equipment before disassembly need according to its position and the actual situation to formulate solutions could be implemented, and then all of the dismantling personnel need to conduct a comprehensive technical security communication, equipment need to be before disassembly equipment accessories and appearance check registration and filing work.

To install, need to map out the asphalt mixing plant drawing of each other, so when the installation is convenient for staff for reference, the asphalt mixing plant inside the sealed, when all the cables and wires are not allowed to cut, the inside of the equipment inside and outside lines, as well as the terminal board, all after confirm no error can be dismantled, or you need to adjust the line number.

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